Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 52

Little One, the questions that you ask have no short, simple answers. One aspect of the answer lies in the truth that you share with your clients: When you stop doing what works, you are surprised that it stops working. But it is not so simple as that. You are learning much these days about the challenge of maintaining an open heart to yourself. You mistakenly believe that if your heart is open, then you will not experience anger or fear, depletion or depression. This is not the case, yet your understanding has yet to grasp this truth.

Openheartedness does not protect you from the perils of humanity. It allows you to be more human, not less so. Openheartedness does not prevent you from getting angry; however, it allows the anger to be healing rather than wounding. No good can come from swallowing your anger or from pretending that you are neither angry nor afraid.

You have been neglecting your body for a long time, Little One. It is just now that you are beginning to understand the crisis into which you have put yourself physically. It is a long‑standing behavior of yours, the consequences of which cannot be reversed overnight, because then you will have learned nothing. You must retrace the steps of your journey, Dear One, in order to understand the nature of the lessons for you. Do not make this harder than it is. Allow it to be a pleasure for you. You have not been experiencing much pleasure in your life recently. Allow yourself to rediscover the pleasure principle. Allow yourself to become reacquainted with bliss. Meditate.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.