Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 56

Little One, we are ready to speak to you. Are you ready to hear us? What a fine day you have created for yourself! What a fine reality! Know that you have created and have allowed this grace to fill your life. Know also that you indeed had to be emptied of negativity before you could be filled with life, which is the Love Force.

You are well acquainted with this Love Force, for this is your essence. Little One, we feel your resistance to our message. It is not your ego that we seek to feed, but your soul. Allow us to know what teaching you need at the appropriate time. Trust us, dear one, that we have your soul’s highest good at heart, in our hearts.

Love. Little One, you have not yet begun to understand its power. Love heals all. If faith can move a mountain, how much more can love do? Love is not created; neither can it be destroyed. It is the fundamental principle of the Universe. In the beginning was the Word, but even before the Word was Love. Human beings seek to understand this, but their concepts are limited. Few can begin to fathom the magnitude of energy that created the Universe.

Consider the splitting of atoms bound together by love; the Love Force releases a magnitude of energy. How much more energy is released when two hearts, two souls previously bound by love are split apart? The breaking of the love bond creates karma. We will explain more about this later. We ask you now to consider how much destructive energy is released by a broken or closed heart. Are not a broken heart and a closed heart the same thing, for they are both split away from the Love Force?

Do you begin to see the incredible magnitude of the Love Force? It is the essence of the Universe. It is the Universal Principle. To think of love in terms of romance, family, friends, even divinity, conveys only the smallest fragment of awareness, the merest shard of discernment, and the barest shadow of understanding by comparison. Love is the ultimate power. We say again that love is the Universal Principle. Your scriptures say that God is love, that perfect love casts out fear for fear has torment, and that anyone who fears is not perfected in love. This is not a new principle.

Human beings expend a lot of energy looking at love, trying to understand it , but mostly focusing on fear. When you are afraid, Little One, look for love, for it is the only remedy for fear. Love is in all things, all beings.

Love is power. Anyone who believes that to love is weakness knows not love, but fear. Fear is the killer of the soul. Hate is an illusion; it is an extreme form of fear. There is only love. Its absence is fear; its absence leads to death. The greater love’s absence, the more profound the fear. Ask yourself: How would the world be different if you spent as much time consciously loving as you do unconsciously fearing?

Last year, we began teaching you about the heart rays, the colors, the frequencies, and the purpose of each ray. We will resume that teaching soon. However, first we feel that it is imperative for you to understand the immensity of the power of the Love Force.

You have spoken to us and to others of your fear of power, but we would challenge you on this, for the only power in the Universe is love. Are you in fact afraid of love, dear one? No, you are not. We would suggest to you that the terror for you would be the absence of this power, the absence of love, which is the hell to which your earth mystics refer.

You know love. You only fear its absence, which is impossible because it is you. Do you understand the essence, the enormity of this teaching? Your job, if you will, your only job, your life’s work, is to carry love in every breath, every moment, every step.

Where there is fear, love cannot flow freely. Where there is perfect love, fear cannot exist. Fear is an excellent teacher because it shows – illumines if you will – the absence of love. Follow your fears and they will lead you to love. Embrace your fears with love and they will be transformed. Do not make this complicated.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.