Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 62

 Good morning, Little One. We feel your fear. Relax. Open your heart to us. We are present for you. You are doing so well. We are proud of you and of the boundaries that you are setting. Do not think that you must do this on your own. We are here with you to lend help and encouragement. You are correct when you say that you are totally supported in this work. However, we hesitate to use the term “work,” for it does not really describe what will ultimately be the manifestation of your passion and your fire.

We would remind you to be who you are and none other. No more is expected of you. Honor all things about yourself. Each aspect is precious to us ‑ to the All That Is ‑ for it is your contribution to wholeness. Know this. Feel this. Believe this. Live this.

In your writing, strive for a balance of new information and previous teachings that we have given you. Do not neglect to seek new information and daily guidance, for this is how you will keep your heart connection open and pure.

Set aside time every day to create this work. This fire will grow stronger and brighter as a result of the careful tending. Do not allow your fire to be extinguished. Nurture the essence of Self. As you continue to write, you will see how these teachings with which you have been entrusted will weave together to create a tapestry of grace, wisdom, and healing.

Find balance and do not judge. Do not think, “I must do it this way,” for this is the way of judgment. Allow this book about love to be a labor of love. Allow love to create it. Allow love to bless each word and intention. Breathe your essence into each phrase. Surrender to the Love Force. Keep opening your heart. Abide in the vessel of love. Release your attachment to anything, everything.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.