Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 48

Little One, you are still processing energy from yesterday. Patterns are shifting, making room for new energy. Your breathing exercises today were good. I have seen how you struggle to stay present and take care of yourself. Try not to judge yourself or your situation. Trust instead that all is in perfect alignment. Honor yourself in all things – even those in things that you do not understand.

Yesterday you did a tremendous amount of clearing old imprints that no longer serve you. This was traumatic to your entire energy system. It was positive, but shocking nonetheless. Today you were struggling to find a rational explanation for your grief, but it is very old ‑ just the vestiges of some very deep wounding. You learned a lot yesterday about karmic patterns. Do you see how these patterns have manifested in your life?

Little One, you are just sticking your toes in the water, and it is perfect that it is so. Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is judgment. Period. Why do you judge who you are? This is a waste of energy, time, and spirit. Comparison is always detrimental because you are establishing hierarchy. Importance. This is the territory of the ego, not the spirit.

Little One, your heart’s deepest desires are to be real, to be purely authentic, and to be open hearted. Let your ego rest. Are you puzzled and concerned that there might not be enough for you? Enough work to go around, enough money, enough fun, enough joy, enough love? Since when has there been a shortage of these in the Universe? This is an illusion of the ego.

If you want to write about your experience with us, we give you our blessing. Tend to our teachings to you. If your work is to flourish, then you must be faithful in attending to it. We know what we desire from you: discipline, time, and openness. We have promised to support you unconditionally as you do this work, as you open to us. This is an important step for you. We will meet all of your needs. Trust us to do that.

There are many groups of us working with you to bring about universal change, to bring about healing and evolution. We are working with groups of individuals throughout the Universe. Do not concern yourself with anything or anyone but you. Stay clear. Stay present. Open your heart.

This is your greatest gift, your greatest strength ‑ to be open hearted, to be present. One of the ways by which we work with you is through the alignment and fine‑tuning of these heart energies. It is a very delicate process. We will teach you to do these things and to work with these energies. Just open and the rest will come. We will assist in clearing the energies that interfere with your work. Your work and your essence are love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.