Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 82

We would speak to you now. Little One, we know the confusion that you are feeling. Allow yourself to open to hear our words. Just as you realize that your lungs must be empty in order to receive new breath, so you understand that your heart and mind must be open to draw new spirit and insight.

What have you learned about the nature of the work to which we have called you? Know this: It is in alignment with whom you are as a healer and “fire sitter.” You are called to sit in the fire, Dear One. It is a natural and comfortable place for you to be. You do not need to create opportunities for yourself. These opportunities will find you. You need draw only on your strengths. See your work with the eyes of spirit, not the eyes of flesh. Allow your fire to grow hotter. As the intensity of its heat increases, so too will its ability to burn quickly through the conflicts that exist between souls and groups of souls.

Your training ground has been proven. Is it also not ironic that your light and fire could burn so brightly when you stopped hiding it behind someone else? Quite literally, you were standing in the shadow. It took courage for you to step out, but your light was difficult for some to bear because of the intensity of its burning. You do not allow human beings to hide from their own shadows. The shadow is always right there beside them because of the intensity of your light. This is a good thing, for it affords the opportunity to embrace the shadow and to become whole. This shadow dance is the dance of life.

It is true that you engage with each soul's energy rather than with the group as a whole. You are not intended to do group work, but to do soul work. You focus your laser-like attention into each soul present, one soul at a time. In your spiritual practice, open to create this function in yourself. You are tentative about using the intuitive gifts you have, lest you step into judgment. Yet judgment and discernment are different. Discernment is a gift of the spirit. Use it wisely.

We gave you a teaching last week about the “anti‑ego.” The anti‑ego is that function of personality that causes you to doubt your discernment and intuition. It is the opposite of a healthy ego; it is a shadow function. The anti‑ego is related to hubris and “false humility.” Genuine humility is a healthy ego function. It does not make excuses for anything or anybody. Humility accepts the gifts and perfection of all and the role of each human being, each creature in the divine order. True humility unites all into Oneness recognizing that there is no separation. True humility and true pride are one, for you see your divinity with the eyes of truth and see its reflection in all of creation.The anti‑ego functions to separate you from your Self, your Divinity, your Truth, and your Light, just as hubris (false pride) separates you from the Divinity, Truth, and Light of others.

You ask how to recognize the anti‑ego, yet you know the answer to this question. The voice of the anti‑ego creates confusion. Do you feel clarity and enlightenment from these thoughts and inner voices? Do they bring the thrill of truth, the resonance of your soul’s song? If something causes confusion, Little One, go deeper. Trust yourself. Trust your integrity. This is the lesson of good personal ecology: to attend and to trust.

It is because your own fires burn so brightly that you are able to attend fearlessly to the fires of others, to embrace all with compassion tempered by passion. Do not turn away from the fire. This is what happens when you feel the energy drop ‑ you are moving away from the fire.

It is appropriate to follow the fire of the Divine Spirit. The holy fire will never let you down. It will never mislead you. Trust its integrity. Healing is not a mental process. It is a holistic experience of returning to center, returning to balance, and returning to Self, which is the Beloved.

Honor the teaching that you have received. This means truly attending to that which we have told you about yourself, your work, and the teachings that we have given you. Attend to yourself, to what feels right, to what you know to be true. Follow your own heart. Go deep. Attend to the guidance we channel through you. Trust yourself.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.