Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 76

Little One, the time is right to allow yourself to fly without fetter and without limitation. It is time to move into your knowing and your highest vibration, without fear.

Allow yourself to feel joy, dear one. Continue to release fear as you have been doing, for it has nothing to do with you. You are love, Beloved; therefore, you cannot know fear. Reach for your deepest desires. What are they? To know the Beloved; to know the Divine in every moment; to know the Light; to be the Light. These are your desires: To experience the joy and beauty of life, to explore and know the beauty and majesty of the Divine as it is manifested in creation. In order to do this, you must explore with all of your senses ‑ the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. You must be willing to open to your light, to breathe deeply of life, to drink deeply of the waters of the spirit.

Embrace this with joy. Experience the wonder of all that you are. It is illusion to believe that your spirit being is bound by physical laws. One law binds it only. This is the law of Love, which is the Universal Principle.

The time is coming for you to write ‑ to write like you have never written. We know that this is what you call an “edge.” However, this is not the Truth ‑ it is only Illusion, for you know that this is your deepest desire and calling: to channel the Divine light into the world and to be the channel of grace.

We ask only that you pursue your desires. We will tell you what to say. We are the Founders. We will totally support this work. Have we not supported you thus far? Have we not held a light for you to find your way home to us? Continue, dear one, for this is all that we ask:
Open your eyes to new visions.
Open your heart to greater love.
Open your mind to new experiences.
Open your spirit to new delight.
You are a creature without limits.
Remember the Secret of the Labyrinth,
All Paths lead home.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.