Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 77

Little One, we are communicating to you today to prepare you and to bless you. It is time. The time is now and you are ready. Are you not? You are ready for this work to which we have called you. You are ready for the Prism of Light that you are.

Look closely at life, Dear One, to expose the illusion. For all is illusion except the Light. Take the boards off the windows. See the Light. Be the Light. Record our words. This is not hard, is it? Do you not enjoy our communication with you? What is hard is releasing the illusion that it should be hard. How silly you can be!

Open your heart. Open your inner ears to our words. Open your spirit eyes to see and understand the truth of our teachings. We will speak to you always. It is time to begin preparing the work that we have already given you. It is time to gather this teaching into a format that can be shared with the world. It is time for you to remember what you already know. It is time to remember the Prism of Light. It is time to remember your dreams.

Dreams are the tools that help you to reach a greater understanding of the mind of God, which is your mind, which is your heart. Do you see that sometimes you are too much in your human mind, to know this mind of God? It is different. It is without limit or belief. It is pure creative energy. Do not become attached to your mental framework. Allow the void to bring its gifts to your God‑mind. Keep releasing the “I can’t.”

Dear One, release the judgment of yourself with regard to what you perceive as failure or abandonment, for you are only asked to be who, what, where, and how you are at any moment. How can there be failure?

There are many lessons and many teachers in this lifetime, in all lifetimes. All are teachers as all are students. Have we not always been there for you, Dear One? In Atlantis, in Mu, when you were but a child in this lifetime? Have you not always felt a connection to our spirit? There is not just one student, as there is not just one teacher, for we are multidimensional beings.

Whatever you desire, truly set your intention, which is the creative principle ‑ the Divine Mind ‑ and allow it to be so. This “allowance” is the permission to create the healing that you desire. Often permission is revoked by disbelief; therefore, the original intention is discreated because the energy has been recalled ‑ withdrawn ‑ by the disbelief.

Intention creates.
Love is the Universal Principle.
State your intention
“Let there be...”

Then let the Universe/the Divine Principle/the Beloved to allow form to follow intention.

Do not take this teaching lightly. Do not dismiss this essential truth as too simplistic. It is indeed essence and very simple, as is all Truth. The simple truth: Intention creates. Love is the Universal Principle. Little One, what do you want? Set your intention ‑ “Let there be¼” It is done. So be it.

Do not confuse this energy, this most powerful of energies, this fusion, with any other teaching. This is not “personality” power or ego power. This power is atomic, gargantuan power. It is the power of the Prism: the power to break apart and to join together.

It is time now to move into this power, Little One. You cannot own all of your power until you are supported by all the components of your essence. Until this moment, you have separated the components of your life, judging which were more worthy than the others; but they are one, Little One, as are you. Embrace all that you are so that you may live fully in your joy, your light, and, of course, your essence, which is love.

Come to the light, dear one. Accept the gifts that the Universe has for you. Deny nothing of yourself, for in doing so, you deny your perfection, thereby creating imperfection. Do you see this? Do you understand this teaching? You are given much and you are giving much; however, you cannot give more than you are willing to receive. Think on this.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.