Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 78

Little One, yesterday was a good day for you. You passed through a vision gate, a gate that gave you a vision of the scope of your work. This was not given to confound or to confuse you. It was intended to give you a sense of direction, so that you will know where you are heading. This was a good analogy for you, was it not, to be sitting in the fire? We bring balance to this fire energy. We bring you the water of the dolphins' home. It is the blend of fire and water that symbolizes your ability to be at home in either element.

We know of your desire to be of service for the highest good. This is why we bring you this information and guidance. Your role is pivotal. Do not let this fill you with fear. Fear has no part in your future. What did you feel yesterday? Did you not feel at home? Did you not feel in complete alignment with yourself and your many gifts?

Do not limit yourself. Do not create blocks of “I can’t.” Do not allow this “spells” energy into your life. Intend only. This is your creation. Intend grace. Intend healing. And let it be so. Your work is immense, as are your gifts. Your responsibility is to be present to yourself and to be who you are.

What did you discover about power yesterday? You discovered that your power is tremendous. You discovered that your light was bright beyond measure. You discovered a torch to pick up, to carry, and to amplify. You discovered the fire of passion. Burn brightly, Little One.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.