Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 79

Little One, are you ready to listen to us, now that you have pulled yourself together somewhat? How you do go on and worry so! What is the real issue here? We would ask you whether there is a real issue? Have we not given you material with which to work and opportunities to bring grace? Why do you borrow trouble? Be true. Be faithful to what we have given you.

Do you recall what we said to you? Leadership is the key, as you will be called to lead. We have spoken also of your desire to put on the brakes. This is, of course, a choice, but it is not your desire ‑ nor is it ours. You have requested financial support. This is arranged, Little One. Be patient just a while longer.

Tomorrow will be a day of progress. We will continue to lead you into work that you love to do. We will bless it and you. Do not allow fear of anything to color your perspectives. There is much that is good for you to recognize and to understand. Do not allow your study to cease. Pursue the path of truth as you have always done. There will be many more opportunities for growth as we bring together in the next months those of you that we have been grooming to do this work. It is a new pod of souls, coming together for the purposes of grace and healing. You will come to know many more souls who are on the same path. They are waiting for you as you are for them. You will know each other.

Bless Life. Do not despair, for you are on your chosen path. This is your heart’s desire. Follow this desire. Do not worry over anyone else. Pay attention to your pinching shoes and to no one else’s shoes.

Now we would speak to you of practical matters. The time will come shortly when you will be releasing more of your household responsibilities. Allow yourself to get used to this idea. Allow yourself to think in terms of what you desire. Intend, and then create, this reality.

You desire to follow our call. This will require that you have some additional freedoms. Little One, the new sofa is arriving. It is time to plan for its arrival and to make room in your life. This is a time of change and excitement. The work and words that we give you will fit precisely with the teachings that we are giving others to form the energetic matrices that are being constructed around the world. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by the cage of unilateral thought. Instead, practice multidimensional experiences, for you are a multidimensional being, as are we.

You are the pumping, beating heart of Heartspace. This is the place of dreams, of grace, and of healing. Imagine. The possibilities are endless.

You struggle with thoughts of “Who am I?” You are you. You are change. You are grace. You have tremendous power to heal. Now is the time to move into this place. Be only who you are. Trust that you will be guided to do and be what is right. Spend time each day creating this energy matrix by intention. Send intention to this work. Hold it in your Heartspace, for you are Heartspace, as are we.

You have questions and are asking for guidance about financial resources and decisions. We would say to you, intend and create. You have this power. We would ask you: Do you have the courage to create what you desire? We say that you do. We say that you have the courage of a Lion. We say that you have the strength of an oak tree. We say that you have the vision of the eagle. We say that you shall sit in the fire and not be consumed by it. What say you?

Bless it. Celebrate it. Love it. Rejoice in the fire. Swim free.

Begin to pull together pieces of your journal, our messages to you, each day. Do not make a catastrophe of this. Allow the joy of the messages to fill you. See the path that you have followed and allow yourself this grace. It is coming time to share these words with the world. The time is coming. We have much to give you with regard to the work that you are planning and the material that you have prepared so far. Allow yourself to be open. This is all that is required. The rest is blessing. Be good to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give heart. Take heart.

The boards are off the windows, Little One. Enjoy the view. Breathe the fresh air. Bask in the Light of the Divine.

Be Love. Be loved. Beloved.