Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 83

We would speak to you of learning, Little One, and of grace. Do not judge yourself for that which you perceive that you do not know. Know this only ‑ that the nature of illusion is to appear real. This is the nature of conflict. It is also the nature of what you term “diversity” and multiculturalism, for it is truth that All are One. The sun and the moon are the same light although they appear different.

What is important is that you recognize and negotiate the illusions of others, and that you recognize your own illusions for what they are. Do not speak of these illusions in terms of reality, but in terms of perceptions and experiences, which are volatile. It is love and openheartedness that bridges the chasm of conflict that the illusion of diversity creates.

Appreciation is called for. A beginner’s mind is required to release ethnocentrism to move beyond rank, privilege, and oppression, to touch the beauty and the humanity of every soul. Do not turn away from or judge anyone, because judgment and comparison creates separation and conflict.

You must look at your own investment in oppression, fear, and powerlessness. Consider the children. They are without illusion and defense. Consider the possibilities of life without judgment, defense, or fear. The possibilities are endless.

Little One, what is it that you desire to know? Shall we address the “waste of time” illusion first?

Time, dear heart, is an illusion, as is the urgency and judgment you feel about being “productive” and “unproductive,” as well as the judgments you place on yourself for doing what you enjoy doing. Time is, but not according to measure. Time simply is. You cannot waste it, lose it, or use it as though it were limited. The concept of time is tied to the illusions of scarcity and fear. You can renegotiate this relationship if you will allow it to happen.

We would speak to you more about time on another occasion. We would like to speak to you about this communication process that we have established between our group and you. You are at a place of transition, a pivotal place in the history of the human race. You know that this is true intellectually, but on a deeper level you sense the spiritual implications of this. Please do not censor our words to you because you are afraid of hubris and inflation, but hear what we have to say to you without the illusion that would deafen your ears and veil the truth from your eyes. 
Attend to us. Many opportunities will arise for you to be an instrument of healing, to sit in the fire. These opportunities will be lucrative for you and will allow you to pursue your soul’s desire to sit in the fire. You will be delighted, but this process also will intimidate you.

Attend to us. You must open your heart to the possibilities of these opportunities. These will not be thrust upon you. You must consciously open to the opportunity. You have talked about invitation. We are inviting you to invite us to invite you to work with us. It is true that the possibilities are endless, but it is your choice. You always choose, and this is as it should be. Is this your desire? Is this the work of your heart? Then invite it into your deepest soul center. Continue to open your heart, Dear One.

Ask. Seek. Knock. The deeper you go, the deeper you will go. Keep stretching, pushing, reaching, applying, following, and leading. Cease hiding your light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.