Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 71

Little One, you ask how you can keep from falling away. The answer is simple, Little One. Maintain your connection by maintaining your focus on Self. If you keep focusing your attention elsewhere you lose yourself, you forget who you are, and you lose your point of reference. For many years, it was appropriate for your focus to be on your children. Now it is the time to manifest your power in a different way.

Dear One, your biggest issues about writing and about life in general are based upon the illusion that you have to do this on you own. If this were true, it would indeed be an onerous and overwhelming task. However, it is an illusion that you are alone or unsupported. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you meditate with clear purpose and intention, letting nothing and no one dissuade you from this course, especially yourself.

It is true that trust, abandonment, and betrayal are your primary issues ‑ your hopes and fears, as it were. You also fear that as your power increases, your ego will run amok. We do not fear this for you, but you fear it for yourself.

Little One, we would also speak to you of the importance of adding the teachings that we shall be channeling through you to the vast stores of wisdom already present on Earth. Understand that it is the vibrational energy of these teachings, not the words specifically, that brings grace and healing. It is only your job to bring these forth. It is not your responsibility to control what comes afterward, for in effect, you are a conduit for these teachings. Do not become attached to outcomes.

Remember, Little One, that you will lose nothing, but gain everything as you evolve to the fullness of Self.

Write these words: Your life is a gift. It has been a gift to all who know you, especially to your Beloved children, the Herd of Holy Ones, but also to those you have met only briefly. However, until this time your light has only glowed dimly. It is time, Luminous One, to truly shine in the darkness, knowing that the darkness is your partner, your polarity, and your complement, that you are one. Do not eschew darkness. Embrace it, for it is you. This is the Law of the Prism: All is One.

Know this: You are correct in the belief that all that you are on a cellular level works together to support your work in this lifetime. It is true that every energetic predisposition, that every aspect of the collective Karma, as well as personal Karma, has created you and this lifetime’s experiences. The overlays of which we have spoken to you before call on the power of the genetic, both personal and collective. You bring healing to both. It is to bring this healing that you have elected to incarnate with this imprint.

The Irish-Catholic heritage into which you were born in this lifetime is a magnificently bold heritage, possessing passion without fear. However, it is also full of treachery and betrayal, fatalism and despair. You inherited both the gifts and the wounds of this heritage. The power of their words and music can make the angels laugh, sigh, or weep. It is no accident that the harp is their symbol. It is a gift in truth from the angels, for they are greatly beloved.

Study the angels, Little One. You can learn much from them regarding the integration of spiritual power.

Look again at what we have taught you of the nature of illusion. You do not owe anyone an explanation or justification. You do not need to apologize for speaking your truth. You are not responsible to anyone. It is time to release your fear of displeasing others. It is illusion to think that you are responsible for fulfilling another’s desires. Your only responsibility is to maintain your alignment with the Truth. You are the Lion, not the Harlequin.