Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 81

Little One, you must cease using your "ego" as an excuse to hide your light, as in “that is just my ego.” Is your ego not you? What is “just your ego”? Does your ego have no voice? Has it no truth? How easily you are able to dismiss the truths that have fear attached to them!

Is it easier to carry the baggage of your fear than to follow the Path of Truth? How far along this path do you expect to travel burdened down by your fears, which tend to multiply like proverbial rabbits when in proximity to one another? These fears that you have are but illusion unless you choose to make them reality. Why would you make this choice? Surely it is not what you truly desire. Give fear no attention and it will dissipate. It is like the ghost that, when confronted, vanishes.

What are your fears, but cautionary lights saying: “This is important to me”, “I need an extra dose of light and spirit", “It’s a little dark in here”, “I have been distracted from this moment of perfect peace and stillness”? Feeling fear is a reminder to Self to return to the center; it is an invitation to alignment.

You say that when you sit down to write, you are “blank.” Well, “blank” is exactly what you need to be in order to allow Spirit to enter, to abide, and to flow through an open channel. To be blank and open is to be full of Spirit. Open, dear one, to know all and to see all. You choose. It is the lesson of the Labyrinth. You choose the opening, you choose the way of your path. The goal is the same – to return home to the Divine, to the embrace of the Beloved.

What do you long to accomplish? What is your vision? Trust your guidance. Know that you already know all that is to be known. You must only allow this knowledge to return to your conscious mind. Open now, Little One. Take the boards off the windows.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.