Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 75

Little One, look at the limits that you have placed upon yourself. Feel the compression of spirit. Learn to work with your energy, Dear One, to feel it, to understand it, and then to heal it.

You have done well this morning. This is how we would have you spend your mornings, by caring for yourself in positive ways, by opening to spirit, and by breathing in the gifts of the Universe.

We would talk to you of fear and fear‑based reality. We have already discussed with you the nature of fear and its effect on the spirit. Fear is dense. This gives it an illusion of being more substantive than the higher/lighter vibrations and frequencies. Fear is the shadow side of the first chakra. It is the opposite of trust, the opposite of love.

The root chakra, as you know, is where the kundalini energy starts to rise. This is the energy of life, creation, and abundance. All abundance starts at the root. The root chakra is related to energies of the planet Saturn, the teacher of life’s lessons.

The root chakra’s colors are red, brown, and black, which are the colors of the earth’s rich soil. Your root reaches down into the Great Mother Earth in order to receive abundance and nourishment and to access the water of life. The root chakra is the center of your ancestral and collective unconscious memories. Karmic imprints and precipitates affect the flow of kundalini energy. These energetic imprints ‑ templates, if you will ‑ are specifically located at the root chakra so that the kundalini flowing through the root chakra will bring healing at every level. Let the focus be on grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.