Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 91

Little One, we would speak to you now to address the illusions that you have created of what conditions must exist in order for us to speak to you and for you to receive “quality” information.

You feel now that we are angry, and this is not the case. We do not experience anger as you understand it. You are responding physically to the rush of energy into your body. Please do not attach a meaning or emotion to this energy, but observe it. What you have classified as anger is really just power. The experience of this power is intense because you have not permitted this time of communication in a while.

This relates to our points of discussion. First, no conditions need be in place but that you are there and have an instrument available to record our words and teachings to you. These are the only conditions that apply. You do not need to be alone, dressed, fed, comfortable, or anything else. You just need to be present.

Second, we would discuss briefly the concept of “quality” teachings. How do you define a quality teaching, Little One? Is it a teaching that you like? A teaching that makes you feel good? Or perhaps one that “nails you to the wall” (though we care not for such expressions)?

Responding to your concerns regarding preparation and the quality of teaching, we would say to you: Get over it and get it over with. Do not allow ritual to deny your experience. Do not attach to anything or to anyone. Others will be coming to work with you, but you must be more comfortable working with yourself before you can work with another. You must communicate honestly with yourself, be clear in your preferences, go in for information, and do it. It is time for action ‑ not as in moving mountains, although we would discuss this later ‑ but about doing what we have instructed you to do and releasing the small hindrances that block your way. These hindrances are small, but if left unattended, they will create larger obstacles.

Beware of your thought processes, Little One, for they have tremendous power. When you picked up the impulse that you “think too much,” know that this is true in one sense only.

Thought must be balanced by action. Do you see this?

If you think a thought, then you begin the creation process. However, you must either choose to follow through by acting on the thought form that you have created, or discreate it. If left dormant, the thought form can become an obstacle to the manifestation of your desires. Half‑formed energetic entities inhabiting the creation field compromise its energetic integrity and contaminate the creation field.

Gauge your thoughts carefully. Be clear about your desires before you energize them with intention, and then follow through with what is required for manifestation. Do not be a lazy creator, for the result will be a half‑baked, inferior loaf that edifies and nourishes no one.

Think ‑ Desire ‑ Intend ‑ Follow Through

What do we mean by “doing”? We do not mean “moving a mountain by one bucket of dirt at a time.” But we do mean, “focusing thought, desire, and intention continually in the moment of truth and mindfully on the manifestation of desire.”

This power to manifest comes from your heart center. Most generally, your desires arise from fear and scarcity rather than from the desire to manifest from the abundance of what is yours. This is Grasping Desire. Grasping Desire is a reflection of attachment to the illusion of scarcity. When the truth of abundance is fully realized all, Grasping Desire is transformed into contented fulfillment.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.