Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 92

Little One, we would speak to you. Hear us now. You are finding your rhythm. Continue to follow the beat that is in harmony with the song of your soul. Seek neither to give nor receive approval, for there is judgment attached to approval. Approve none. Accept all. Acceptance does not judge. Acceptance embraces without condition.

Allow the rhythm of your life to unfold. Observe it with delight. Possess at all times the beginner’s mind of wonder and awe. This is the gift of the open heart.

We would speak briefly of the teachings that we have given you. You are correct that these are not “yours.” These teachings are, in fact, universal truths belonging to no human soul or entity. We are amused at the “claiming” that occurs in your world; this is the point with which you struggle.

These teachings have been entrusted into your care. What shall you do with them? Shall you hoard them in a miserly fashion as some do? Shall you let them slip like water through your fingers, so that the precious life‑giving fluids are lost in the parched sands of the desert of despair? Or shall you create a sacred container of the Heart and allow access to all who are ready to partake of the life‑giving water of spirit, imposing no condition except the desire to know?

These teachings are for those who would ask, seek, and knock. These are the only conditions. The vessel is being constructed as the teachings are being given. You are a bearer of the cup that is the Chalice of Life.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.