Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 87

Good morning, Dear One. What do you desire today? Shall we speak to you of prayer? Shall we speak to you of work? Shall we speak to you of your own essence?

The essence first, we think, because at times you still question your light, brilliance, and greatness. Release your limiting beliefs and follow where you heart would guide you. You know where this is. Sit with intention, know that it is your path, and follow it. Sit with the intention and desire, and it will be so. Do you see this?

Do not back away from the fire. Let it burn brightly, freely. Let it consume the dross and leave the gold. Let it burn the contaminants and leave the essence of purity. Let it burn the fear and leave the Love.

Consider apathy ‑ “a pathos.” From your Greek, this means an absence of feeling, passion, and fire. Apathy is a defensive mechanism against the pain. It is an armoring of the emotional body resulting in the absence of feeling, separation from the Love Force, and diminished Life Force. Apathy is at the root of depression, not the other way around as is commonly supposed.

Apathy is insidious. It develops slowly. It is a layer‑by‑layer armoring of “I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I can’t help it. I am afraid. I am powerless.”

Apathy begins when you cloak your emotional etheric body to provide protection from painful or potentially painful feelings. This causes a misalignment in your etheric bodies and inhibits the flow of the Life Force. Initially, you may be seeking to diminish your light in order to make others more comfortable in your presence. However, this is crooked thinking, because light brings grace. Perhaps you wished to feel safer in their presence, but this is crooked also, for light is always appropriate, is it not? Whatever the reason, apathy and depression begin by a subtle layering of emotional and spiritual apparel, covering your natural light and resulting in dire consequences.

Be Light, Little One. You need no other to enlighten you or your world. You must use the light that you have been given. Do not hide your light, only to cry in the darkness. If you choose darkness, so be it, but do not bewail the darkness you have sought. Do not deny the light that you have covered. If you seek the Light, remember this:

The only Light is your Light.
The only Darkness is your Darkness.

Little One, please pay attention to this powerful teaching. Consider the layers. Wounding occurs, but rather than bringing light and healing to the wound, a relationship is formed with the pain. The creative energy and intention is focused on the pain instead of on healing the wound. Darkness is chosen over light. A layer of protection is added to cover the wound and to protect it from (the illusion of future wounding. However, this layer of protection also “protects” the wound from healing.

And so it begins, this insidious process of apathy, for as the layers are added, you become more and more separated from your feeling and spiritual centers, and from your intuition. Instead of responding directly to stimulus, you react from memory. These reactions become distorted and disfigured, shrouded in death and cloaked in darkness. This is apathy. This is death.

Little One, the energies are moving to support you in your work. Release yourself in order to be free. Burn freely and brightly. Warm others by your heat, by your heart. Do not diminish your light. Do not fear the flames. So be it. So it is.

Little One, you can no longer live in the crystal cage of your making. State your intention and it shall be yours. Do you see this? You see, yet you do not understand; however you are not required to understand. Do not look for guidance on an earthly plane as all guidance for spiritual work must come from spirit. Follow your divine guidance. Trust it. Be it. Burn brightly, boldly, brilliantly, beautiful one.

Heartspace is a gateway, yet not as you would imagine. Heartspace is the window from which the boards are removed. Read the guidance that we have given you and be blessed. Follow the light. Our teaching for you individually is no less important or valuable than that which is for the world. Sink into these words as water; allow these words to seep into you. There are many groups working with you. You have used the term “committee,” and this word we enjoy. There are many. Do you wish to know? No, you do not. This confuses you and causes you to leave us. You sense the differing qualities of the energy, and you trust the most apt will speak. This is so.

Relax into these energies. You have learned so much very rapidly. We salute you. Continue to open and to expand. Stretch the limits of your thoughts and beliefs. Be awed by the awesome and the mundane, by the sacred and the profane. Observe. Experience. Transcend.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.