Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 88

Little One, relax. We ask you to attend to us, which is also attending to yourself. Relax and attend to your bodybeing. We will say this very slowly and succinctly: Attend to yourself. You first, others later. Look closely at your responsibility. It is your life. It is your practice. We speak in terms of life quality and the quality of attention that you give to yourself. For what does your body long? Light, lightness of being, liquid light. Attend to that for which you truly hunger.

Another matter to examine: In returning to the past records of our conversation with you, we would caution you to observe and bless it. Capture the pearls, but leave the shells.

There is much to be done. We are preparing you to sit in the fire. We know that you have many questions. They will be answered. Do not be attached to the form in which the answers and opportunities appear. Keep releasing attachments.

Others see your fire and are warmed by it. It is you who are sometimes left in the cold. Not because there is not enough, but because you do not use that which you have been given. Go back to the beginning. By that, we mean to the lessons that we have given you about creation and intention, power, and light.

We hear your arguments that you do not have “time.” This is what we mean by attending. Consider the questions: What is time? What is intention? Have we said to you that you must “intend” for one hour a day? Or two, or 24? No, we have said, “Set your intention. Bless it. It is done.”

What is required in addition to setting the intention? Presence. Where have we taught you to find this most sacred Presence? In the moment. We have discussed with you the dynamic of prayer. The efficacy of prayer is accomplished in the moment because this is the moment of truth. Let us look at the reasons why human beings are reluctant to accept the simplicity of these teachings.

Judgment creates illusion. Human beings often use self‑judgment as a defense against feelings of powerlessness and fear of the judgment of others. Self‑judgment creates an illusion of control, yet perpetuates the illusion of victimization, thus creating a double veil to obscure your beauty, truth, and power. It is the thickness of these veils of illusion that prevent you from viewing your true visage, your True Self. You are unable to bear witness and attend to your true countenance because you are blind to its glory and beauty. We would say to you that this is your longing, your deepest desire.

It is as though the Universe has given you a map with directions which say: “Come follow this path." "Great joy over here!" "Abundant life over here!" "Unconditional love this way.” Why would you follow a different path than the Path of Love to which you have been called?

Little One, dispel illusion. Wrapping yourself in the veil of illusion does not make you less powerful, less responsible for your experience, or less light‑filled. It only prevents you from enjoying and experiencing your wonder, grace, and beauty.

You have created this reality as surely as you have the power to create another. Should you ask yourself in a moment of Truth: What is? The answer will astound you. For the only is that exists is Love, which is you. Hear the voice of the Beloved calling you home.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.