Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 86

Little One, you are doing what must be done. We would only invite you to do it with more joy, more intention, so that you may experience the fullness of the energy and the emotion of the moment. Whatever you are feeling, feel it. Expand it. Explore its richness and texture without judgment or comparison. Do not become caught within another’s process or expect another to be caught up in your own.

You struggle with issues regarding possessiveness and proprietary interests. Relax into the knowing that all is well, and that these feelings are illusion. Recognize the illusions for what they are, especially the scarcity myth.

We would talk to you about observation. What does it mean to observe yourself without judgment, without self‑doubt, without suspicion? What if you were to give yourself the same consideration that you extend to others? We ask these questions not to give you additional sticks with which to beat yourself, but to give you an alternate perspective regarding your relationship to Self.

Do you understand that if you live each moment with intention, then self‑judgment and retrospection is moot, for you have fully experienced the moment of Truth with complete presence and intention? This means that the moment need never be revisited for course correction, because the fullness of your God‑self guides your steps.

There is blessing in this teaching, if you will receive it, for by intentional living, the fullness of your life force and Love Force is focused on the moment of truth. This is enormous! Imagine! This is the truth of the Big Bang, the truth of Creation.

Little One, do you see the power of intention in each moment?
In each breath?
In each heartbeat?
In each word?
In each gesture?
In each touch?
In each thought?
In each desire?

Choose wisely that which you would you create. Choose peace. Choose grace. Choose love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.