Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 89

Little One, we would speak to you now. Do you see the value of your written word? Do you see that you had forgotten the terrain over which you have traveled? This has been a miraculous journey, has it not? It has been a journey of grace and healing.

Do you see also the dramatic, dynamic changes that have occurred so quickly ‑ quite literally in the blink of an eye? Do you see the effect that judgment has on the human psyche? Do you understand the insidious process of judgment and projection?

Savor this moment, this blessing, this moment of Truth. You still are in possession of Truth fragments, for you have yet to assemble the pieces that are you. You are in progress and the appreciation is growing in you for your wonder. Do not become distracted away from the witness of your own evolution. Explore the glory. Choose appreciation and gratitude over judgment and despair. Surrender to abundance. Yes, we like this term very much. Surrender to abundance, surrender to Love. There is much healing to be received.

Little One, when you feel impatient, you have allowed yourself to be seduced away from the moment, for there is no impatience in the moment of Truth. There is only mindfulness and joy. This is why the Buddha smiles, for he is ever mindful. Do not have a greedy heart. Be ever mindful, heart-full, truth-full, and grace-full. Know this: Great fullness of heart abounds.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.