Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 127 - Joy in Every Moment

Little One, we would invite you to look to the Light and to savor the joy of every moment, for you will not revisit these moments. Make the very most of each one.

We would suggest to you that you appreciate your shadow and that you recognize and respect it as an integral part of your nature. Do not shun your shadow aspect, for it is the source of groundedness, great strength, and authentic power.

Know that all is well. There are neither winners nor losers, for all are on their souls’ path home. Support each other. Support yourself. This is of primary importance, for only when your needs are met can you fulfill your sacred task in this lifetime. Yield to grace, Dearest Heart. Yield to blessing, for this is your entitlement. This is your birthright.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.