Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 130 - Prayer Lessons

Little One, it is our desire to speak to you of the questions of your heart, to give clarity to your concerns, and satisfaction to your curiosity. You have been pondering much about prayer, looking at its many aspects and acknowledging its tremendous, awesome power.

We have spoken to you briefly regarding prayer. We have told you of the power of prayer – that its efficacy is rooted in the immediacy and focus of intention in the moment of Truth, which is the Now. We have instructed you to pray always. In order to do this, you must remain here, now, in this moment of Truth, wherein your power resides. The third point of prayer is that it must come from an open heart, for when your heart is open, your life is a prayer and you bring blessing to all by your existence.

Now you ask about specific prayer, specific blessing, for specific situations. We would say to you: Ask, Seek, and Knock – without attachment to outcome – for the highest good and blessing to all. Know this: The greatest prayer is the love that emanates from an open heart.

-    Focus your intention, not on a specific request, but on the beloved soul whom you would bless.
-    Hold that beautiful being of Divine expression in your mind’s eye.
-    Open your heart to endless possibilities of unconditional love and unspeakable joy.
-    Acknowledge that this power is resident in every sentient being, and then breathe in the essence of his or her name.
-    As you exhale, blow lightly as on a small, flickering flame to awaken its ember, to rekindle its spark, to ignite its gentle radiance that by the warmth and light of this fire, they may be enheartened, encouraged, and enlightened.
-    Allow your breath, which is the breath of God, to inspire and remind those for whom you pray of their true selves, their great beauty, and their godness.

This is the essence of prayer, not to ask for specific things or circumstance, nor to be attached to specific outcomes, but to pray for the quickening of spirit to the wonder and miraculous beauty of each moment, and to the Divine essence, to the godness that is resident in each soul, in every moment. The breath of God created the Universe. Allow your breath to create healing. Allow each breath to be a prayer of remembrance, a celebration of love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.