Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 126 - Sacred Garden of the Heart

Little One, I would speak to you today of your daily practice. What calls to you? What do you most long for? Let your heart follow the source of this longing. Do you desire sweet communion? If this is your desire, if you desire to walk this path of closeness, then tarry. Do not rush in and out of this sacred presence, but linger as one who is reluctant to leave the Beloved. Savor each moment, not as an obligatory, perfunctory call, but with anticipatory delight. Be mind-full. Be grace-full. Be heart-full. This is the essence of great fullness of heart, the delight, the wonder, the passion which is returned to you measure for measure, grace for grace, love for love.

O Dearest Heart! When you think to enter the Garden of the Beloved, does your heart not race? Does your breath not quicken? Does your spirit not sing? Does the desire to behold the Beloved not give wings to your feet?

Allow this to be the attitude of  your heart as you approach the Divine. Present to the Beloved your most precious gifts and receive beyond your wildest imaginings, for you are greatly beloved. Know this truth: The Beloved is waiting. He is attending you with even greater desire and more passionate longing. Yield to His care. Dearest One, do not regard this as a regimen or discipline, for this is Rapture. This is Bliss.

Little One, there is no limit to the love of the Beloved for the beloved. Do you feel this? This is the answer to your soul’s longing, the healing for every wound, and the fulfillment of every desire. Allow this love to transform you.

Consider your tradition of fairy tales - Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White. The longing is the same, to hold and to be held, to know and to be known, to love and to be loved. These tales each refer to the awakening of awareness, the quickening of desire, the ecstasy of fulfillment. The “happily ever after” is real. These are not stories of childhood fantasy, but of spiritual hunger and its satisfaction. These are stories of great spiritual truth. Problems arise, Little One, when human beings look to other humans to satisfy their longing for the Divine. This creates many spiritual and psychological dilemmas for you. It initiates vicious cycles of futility, projection, and wounding. The answer to every dilemma, the solution to every problem is to return to the Source of the soul’s longing.

Do you hear the truth of these words? It is sad to us that the current trend is to re-write these stories into more socially correct tales rather than to acknowledge and satisfy the soul’s longing. While this revision may be more politic, it denies the great spiritual truth of the longing of the beloved for the Beloved. The Search for the Beloved is fundamental to the human experience. Its suppression forces its manifestation into addiction, violence, and promiscuity. We would say only this to you: Honor this longing and hearken to its call. The Beloved is calling you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.