Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 131- Application Is the Key

Little One,  never fear. Experience the wonder - the bliss of this place - in this moment. Hear the music of the insects. Observe the play of the breeze, the dance of the grass, the flight of the butterfly. Allow yourself to truly revel in the perfection of this moment.

Let your light be a beacon. Let it shine for the world to see. For your light - its intensity and its brilliance - dispels illusion and reveals the Truth, which is Divine Love. Open, Dear One, to allow your light to shine. This may create some confusion for those around you who have become attached to a particular illusion, but do not allow another's confusion or conflict to distract you from your Path as Light Bearer. Do you see the gifts that you bring to others? Value these gifts and their ability to bring blessing.

You are concerned about with whom to share these teachings. We would say to you: Relax. Yield to the desires of your heart. Trust your intuition. There is no right or wrong. There is only grace. Know that these words are true. Know that it is our pleasure to commune with you. As your desire, intention, and clarity increase, so will your ability to channel our words. As you become cleaner, your ability to resonate with the higher vibrational energy will increase. As you apply these teachings to your life daily – in each breath opening your heart to grace – then will your world transform – both your personal world and the global experience. This will allow us more complete access to your energies and provide a channel for deeper, more complex truths into the world. As your energies change, so will everything else – as above, so below – the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Application is key. It is the pivotal piece. Keep a record of your personal journey of application, in addition to writing these teachings, for your experience will bless others. Your humanity (humanness) will bring grace. In truth, there is no line of distinction between your humanness and your godness. The distinction is an illusion. Yet, as you communicate these teachings to others, it is your humanness that will provide a sacred context to these teachings.

Allow your laughter to resonate throughout these journals, for laughter is the sound of an open heart. It connects your human self with your divine self. In your journal, allow the stories of your humanness to take form, for this will be the thread that others will follow through the Labyrinth to discover their own godness and the Beloved who awaits them.

Your task is simple: To be grace in every moment. Again we would draw your attention to this pastoral setting. Be as the insects, the birds, and the trees. With effortless grace, these creatures rejoice in their godness and remind you of your own. Be you. Be grace, Little One.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.