Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 124 - Global Healing

Little One, you are experiencing so much confusion. What has changed, dearest one, but that you have moved away from this present moment? 

What is true in this moment? That you are loved unconditionally. Can you witness this truth for yourself? Observe the perfect witness of nature surrounding you. Do you not see the perfection of every creature, each insect, bird, cloud, pine cone? Savor the splendor of each moment, for this is the source of your Truth.

Consider the splendor of this moment, the flight of the dragonfly and its graceful dance. What lessons have these winged friends to teach you, for all are teachers? Attend well and wisely to their lessons. Meditate on their flight of freedom. Follow their example and allow your soul to fly free.

Dearest Heart, there are many things that we would say to you today. You have spoken of many things that you are desirous of understanding, but today we would speak to you of power, more precisely, the power to create. We have spoken to you previously of the magnificent power resident in each human being. This is the power of intention. The power to create from the heart which is the center of power. We have spoken to you of the power to create healing and grace. Yet today briefly, we would discuss with you the power that human beings have to create disease, famine, war, pollution, and death. Once again, Little One, it is true that the possibilities are endless.

You have seen for yourself that you can create either illness or wholeness in your body, either harmony or chaos in your relationships. Do you see that each individual has the potential to create these same conditions?

The tragic condition of Terra is a reflection of the human condition, her inhabitants, and the condition of their hearts. Do you see and understand the import of this teaching? This is why we say to you that it is imperative that the vibrations of these teachings, these words, be broadcast. Trust in the rightness of these teachings.

The condition of your planet is a measure of its disconnection from the Divine Principle of the Love Force. The degree of pollution and the depletion of resources are in direct proportion to the misalignment of energies. This is a spiritual condition that is manifesting in the physical realm, and the source of its cure, the source of all healing is to return to the source of all life, to return to Love.

Little One, you cannot reverse the damage on a physical level, for unless there is spiritual healing, all efforts are for naught. The only remedy, the only “soul-ution,” for Terra is the healing of her children. As her children heal, the planet will regain its energetic and ecological balance as well. Love heals all.

We have given you many teachings on healing, yet we will repeat them here: The source of all healing is the source of all life. Healing begins by the opening of the heart to the Divine Principle of Love. There is no other "soul-ution," but the path of Love.

Do not underestimate the power of one open heart to change the world. Imagine the possibilities for grace and healing as hearts around the world begin to open to new possibilities of power. Love created the Universe, and Love will restore the personal and collective energetic balance of the planet.

Do not be distracted or disheartened by illusion. Do not believe for even one moment that this is a difficult endeavor, for this creates energy blockages. Know in your very deepest being, to the very center of your soul, that the work has begun. Keep opening. Keep loving.

Be Grace. Be Peace. Be Love. Beloved.