Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 122 - Winds of Change

Little One, we are happy that you have taken this time to be with us to discuss this work and your life. These seem to be the issues that you focus on most, and this is fitting for your work is your life. It is your heart’s work that you understand to be different from a job or career. This is the work that gives life and light to your earthly existence.

We would briefly address two issues before we move on to other topics. First, the issue of boldness need not cause heaviness in your spirit, yet we feel this in you. We would say to be kind to yourself. Ask for a deeper understanding of boldness. Boldness. What does this word mean? What are its qualities? This is a missing piece for you, and you may find it while you are here, if you will attend to yourself and to our words.

What are your obstacles to boldness? Are there any? In order to be truly free,  Little One, you must be bold. Yet, you know that it is Truth that will set you free. So then, what is the connection between your boldness, your truth, and your freedom?

The second issue of attention is the matter of your life as you know it. This will be changing. This is not new information for you, Dear One. You have known this since the beginning. Your life must change for all of life is change. These coming changes need not be difficult, but they must be complete. The quality of your life must be in alignment with your essence – to do less would be a lie and without godness, without goodness.

You feel this truth, yet there is another truth that you have not yet understood. This is the Truth: These changes will occur as naturally as night follows day and day follows night. Allow the beauty and grace of your being to fully unfold in your life. Cease worry. Embrace each moment with a child’s delight. Laugh, Little One. It is your secret weapon against fear; it is your “ray gun.”

Now that we have taken care of business, we would speak to you of other things. First is the nature of trust. If you examine the word, you will see that its root is grounded in Truth. Attend to this, for in order for trust to exist, there must be acknowledgment and respect for the Truth whence it springs. All truth comes from God. When the Christos said, “I AM the Truth.”  He demonstrated and declared to all that he is rooted in God. Is your desire, is your longing, not the same: to sink deep roots into the truth of God, to drink from the waters of Spirit, to grow in the garden of the Beloved into a tree of Life that brings of goodness to all who partake of its fruit?

When there is doubt, you do not doubt yourself only, but you doubt God as well. You are denying the fundamental truth, for God has declared that you are the image and likeness of the Divine. Do not complicate this. The choice is clear. Trust God or trust not, but do not vacillate. This dishonors all. Decide on this day whom you will serve, and decide with boldness.

Dive deeply, dearest one, into the waters of Truth. Drink deeply of the water of life, for naught else will quench your thirst or satisfy your longing.

LO: What is the difference between meekness and boldness? Are they not contradictory?

This is a good question, one that we will endeavor to answer clearly and without ambiguity, for we understand that this appears to be a paradox; yet, in truth, you are called to be meek in your boldness and bold in your meekness. This is again an issue of balance and harmony, of the sun and the moon. We say this to you, hear it well: There is nothing so strong as gentleness; there is nothing so gentle as true strength.

The creatures that you befriend in the forest, love in part the meekness that you possess, for in truth you walk in meekness. This is grace and we would not seek to change this blessing you bring to others, for in this meekness you acknowledge the godness present in each being. Yet in boldness, you acknowledge the godness in yourself, for this is authentic power: to be seeded in love, rooted in truth, and grounded in god. Boldness allows others to witness the I AM of your beingness, thus bringing grace to all.

There is no conflict between these qualities. They are both desirous  and both qualities must exist in equal measure. The meek shall inherit the earth, and the bold shall be as god. This blending of energy is the essence of true power. Consider again the oak tree: its power lies in its flexibility as well as its strength. Stand true, Dear Heart, to your truth that is the only truth. Embrace meekness, embrace boldness, but be love. There will be much blessing. Yield as the branches of the trees to the wind, which is the breath of God.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved One.