Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 119 - Colors of the Prism

Little One, I am delighted to have this occasion to communicate with you regarding your work, your life, and your blessing. You are learning much with regard to the Prism energy. It is my desire that you understand well the principles – the laws, if you will – of the prism, for there are many aspects to these teachings that relate to the accelerating vibrations of the planet, to the shift into the higher dimensions of consciousness, and to the healing that is currently taking place on Terra and in your heart, as well.

This Prism energy is very simple with one regard. It represents the use and manifestation of the Light force of the Divine Principle, for God is Light and God is Love. The law of the Prism is a metaphor, if you will, for understanding the energy of the Divine Principle and its role in the physical world.

The vibrations of the colors of the prism have tremendous power over the human experience - health, well being, emotion, and cognitive function. Observe the colors around you. What do you experience? We know of your great affection, affinity, and admiration for the color green. This is so, because it resonates to your own energy signature.

Know that color corresponds to sound, to light, to emotion, to all states of physical beingness. We also desire to teach you of the way in which colors relate to each other in the purest forms - vibrations - in the light of the prism. There is much power waiting to be released through the prismatic principles of fusion, integration, and healing.

Keep looking to the Light. Allow the light to shine brilliantly through the Prism that is you, for you are a bringer of grace.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.