Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 96 - Shifting Focus

Little One, we would speak to you now. Know that all is well. You are impatient with yourself, Dear One, yet we would ask you to be patient with this impatience. Breathe deeply. Do you feel the peace that this creates in your body as well as your soul? This peace is yours in every moment. Choose to be in this moment, Little One. Choose this moment of truth. Let us examine what is true in this moment: That all is well and perfectly aligned. The present moment is the measure of perfection. It is the IS.

Do not kick against the pricks, for you will only exhaust yourself. The pricks are being prick-like. What has changed, but your relationship to them?  When you are angry, Little One, what has changed? When you are afraid, when you are lonely, when you are discontent, when you experience anything but grace, you have but lost your focus. This is not a catastrophe. Simply shift your focus slightly. Look for the fullness of the glass. Savor the precious water of Spirit that fills you. Are you half-empty or half-full, Little One? We would say that you are neither. We would say that you are in perfect balance. Experience the emptiness. Experience the fullness. Know peace.

The greatest gifts of these teachings to many are the sheer availability and presence of personal guidance, daily assistance, and healing grace, as well as the remembrance and assurance that you are never alone. As others read our communications to you, they will be encouraged and enheartened to open to the sweet spirit residing in their own hearts. So you see, Little One, that writing from your heart is a gift to all.

Trust in the truth of the moment. We feel more openness in you today. Examine the energy shifts that occur for you and observe the judgments that you attach to the feeling that you label as shadow.

We judge you not. We gently remind you to turn toward the light. Your feelings are true, Little One. Though they are fleeting, they are true, for the feelings give you immediate, very pertinent information about the direction of your focus. Are you looking toward the light or the shadow? Are you experiencing fullness or emptiness? Are you experiencing the moment of truth or of illusion? The choice is yours. Know the truth of these words. Be here now.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.