Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 95 - Your Heart's Desire

Little One, you have been very busy and we are pleased with your efforts. We would caution you, however, not to dismiss so easily the time that we spend together in communion and meditation. Much is happening for you, Little One. New doors are opening and new people are entering your life. Why do you see this as bad or painful? Look to the Light and know that for every ending there will be a beautiful new beginning. It is true that there will be endings for you. In your deepest heart you know and experience the rightness of this. So be it, Little One. So let it be. 

Dear One, do not attract pain and conflict to yourself. Intend love. Intend grace. Intend peace. These are your entitlements. You must be willing to be clear and honest, about your needs and desires. The possibilities are endless if you allow for these possibilities.

What do you desire to create? Do you see that the life that you have created for yourself is too small and that its confines are too tightly enclosed? Allow yourself to expand and grow. Remember the teaching that we have given you in times past: If it is right for you, then it is right for everyone else.

Be at peace and trust the integrity of the growth process. Open your heart to your intuition and to your deep inner wisdom. Open to both give and receive love. Release your attachment to the approval and the opinions of others. Yield to grace.

Do not judge yourself. Maintain your focus on yourself. You may have your heart’s desire. You have been afraid to desire; release this fear. Desire deeply, for it is the will of the Universe to fulfill your heart’s desire. Let your desire issue from an open heart. Do not form attachments to illusion. Receive your father’s gift to you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.