Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 101 - Divine Essence

Little One, when we teach you we have many approaches that determine the daily lessons, as it were. First, we observe and attend to your soul’s longing, and we listen to the hunger of your heart in order to provide nourishment and sustenance for your spirit. Second, we answer any specific questions that you ask us. In this, Dear Heart, be sure that you truly desire to know, for your fear of knowing can block our transmission to you. Third, after we have observed, attended, nurtured, and answered, then, providing that you are receptive and vibrationally attuned, we will give you the daily lesson.

Know that we desire for you to know the Truth. For it is written, the Truth shall set you free. This is the Truth: God is love and anyone that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him. Question not your worthiness. Question nothing save this:

Is God worthy?
Is God’s image less worthy than His essence?

Beware of false humility that would separate you from your god-self, which would extinguish the flame of the Holy Spirit burning ever present in your heart. Stand tall. Stand straight. Stand true. The first task set before you on this adventure of spirit is to honor all that is you. For this is the root of self-esteem: to honor the Self and to open to receive from the abundance of your own heart.

Know this: Karma is perpetuated by self-judgment. The wrongdoing that you forgive is forgiven. This is your responsibility, and it is also your privilege. Immerse yourself in the wellspring of abiding love. Bask in the living light of spirit. Warm yourself by the fire of your heart. Know that you are blessed and beloved. Release your wariness and know the perfection of the moment. Your responsibility is to amplify the magnitude of the light, love, joy, and peace that you experience. Let this be your message: Grace abounds. You will share your strength with others in order to transform wounds and to bring blessings of grace from the heart of Christos. Little One, remember this Truth: We know you by heart. All is well.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.