Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 115 - Opening to Receive Love

Little One, today you have indeed passed through a gateway. Although the actual physical process was symbolic, your intention was set long ago. Look to your notes with regard to the process of heart opening. How do you open, but by love? This is not hard, for already you love deeply, truly, profoundly God's children, but we would speak to you now of receiving, for this is truly your question. This is truly your desire at this time: To learn to fully receive the blessings that the Universe has for you and to fully receive your entitlement as its child. Think, Little One, if you do not allow yourself to receive unconditional love unconditionally, then how can you expect to receive anything else?

Look to what blocks this love. Look to the fears of being loved that constrain and constrict you. Open your mind as well as your heart to understand and experience the nature of unconditional love, for we would say to you that all the blockages that you are experiencing, precious child, are due to the conditions to which you cling and to the belief that certain conditions that must be in place in order for you to receive grace.

Know that no conditions exist to make you worthy. The blockages are insignificant once you truly reflect on uncondition. Explore this. Play with this. Revel in the unconditional, then the blocks will disappear. Little One, if you can give love unconditionally, why then do you not choose to receive without condition also?

Think on this: Be love, and be loved as well, Beloved One.