Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day106 - Emerging from the Chrysalis

Little One, it will all come together for you with amazing swiftness. Do not fret or create blockages, which would hinder the manifestation of this wonder. All is aligning itself to bring this blessing to the world. Your ego, as you call it, is fighting this, yet, in your deepest being, you know that this is true.

Know this: The time is coming to emerge from the chrysalis, from the cocoon that, heretofore, has afforded you safe haven. The time is now for the metamorphosis to be complete. This is the lesson, Dear One, of the butterflies that you have seen in such abundance.

Know that this is the nature of relationship: To know the wholeness and perfection of the All That Is; to know and reflect for each other the wonder of the Divine Principle; and to rend the veil of illusion that would separate you from fully experiencing the Divine in every moment.  Open, Dear One, to the wonder of the day. Know that all will be well and that all will be changed, as you allow yourself to transform fully into your Divine Self.

Little One, we feel you struggle with these words. We feel your doubt and we feel your reluctance to share what we say to you this day. Yet this we would say to you: It is time to remember. Open your heart. Open your mind and you will remember the possibilities. You will remember the wonder. Dear One, at no other time in the history of Terra has the need for Remembrance been so great. Yield to the call of the Beloved. Yield to the memories of the power of the Love Force to bring grace and healing.

Do not be fooled by the illusion. Do not be distracted by nor judge the chrysalis, for it has been the vehicle for your transformation. Know this: The butterfly cannot, shall not, and may not return to the unconsciousness of the chrysalis state. You have been given wings, Beautiful One, fly free on the wings of spirit. Bless the world with your soul’s beauty; bless it with your soul’s light. You struggle with the why, yet you know the is-ness of this truth.

Allow your heart to be full. Allow the Love Force to blaze from your deepest being to illumine the shadows of doubt that remain. There is much work for you to do; yet, it will be the work of your soul’s deepest longing. Yield to the wonder that is unfolding. Let trust truly be your mainstay as you sail under the banner of love and the flag of peace.

There is much that we desire to say. Release your struggle. Know that you already have that which you most desire. We speak to you, yet you cannot imagine that our words are true. We speak, yet your mind filters out the blessing that your heart hungers to hear. As we have said to you, it is not happenstance that the word “hear” is contained in the word “heart.”  To truly hear what we say to you, you must listen with your heart, not with your mind.

All is as it should be. The time is now for the nobler pursuits, as you call them. Yet, know this: You lend nobility to all that you do. You lend nobility and you lend grace, for this is the essence of your soul. Know your power. Stand true. Denial of truth does not make it less true. Denial of your truth does not negate your essence. Honor yourself. Attend to yourself with kindness, not judgment. Follow the path of your heart for it will lead you home.

Trust the integrity of the Universe to accomplish its goals. Others will come to support you. Some from unexpected sources; illusions of obstacles may appear. Recognize these for the illusions that they are.

Know your power. Stand tall. Stand straight. Stand true. Bless the light. Bless the shadow. Allow these words and the teachings contained in these diaries to seep into your bones. Allow the sacred oil of the spirit to anoint your brow. Be peace. Be light.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved one.