Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 104 - Great Fullness of Heart

Little One, we feel your confusion and your pain, yet we also feel your determination and we bless you for this. Little One, you borrow so much trouble with your projections into the future and your attachments to past pain. Know this, Dear One: The past has no power over your present or your future without your intention and consent.

This is the moment of your power; this is the opportunity to create your soul’s deepest desire. You have, in fact, already created that which you desire. It is done. Receive the gifts. Receive the blessing. Accept the abundance of grace that you have created with gratitude. You have yet much to learn, Dear Heart, about receiving graciously that which you have created. Why must you battle until you succumb with exhaustion before you will receive your entitlements?

Little One, why, when you desire these gifts in your deepest being, do you resist us with such intensity? This is not rape, precious child. This is love manifested in its purest form. This is the love of the Divine for the Beloved. This is the sweet sigh of your soul calling your name. Hear it. Receive it, Dear One.

Who are you fighting? From whence does this resistance come? Who prevents you? Who hinders your progress? Who would deny you, precious child of the Universe? There is nothing withheld from you, Beloved One. Look toward the Light.

You have received many beautiful gifts in celebration of your birthday and truly we rejoice in this occasion as well. Consider the precious beauty that you have received: beautiful flowers and plants, wind chimes, wise words, expressions of love and great kindness, and a mirror. This was the hardest for you to receive, was it not?

It is time to appreciate not only the gifts that you receive, but the gifts that you bring as well. Do you understand this? This is the gift of the mirror: To accurately see your own beauty and to remind you that your image is God’s image also. Only when you truly recognize the power of your gifts can you truly experience gratefulness and great fullness. If you do not appreciate and understand your gifts, then you cannot use them fully. Gratefulness comes from recognizing and using your gifts efficiently, sharing, giving, receiving, blessing wholly, holy - inhaling and exhaling grace in each breath.

You have great understanding, Little One, of the power and potential of a grateful heart, but you limit the concept of gratefulness; hence, you limit great fullness, because you limit your ability to receive. Expand. Stretch, Dear One. Allow the empty places to be filled. You are struggling much with this teaching, and we ask that you be patient with us a while longer for this is a pivotal piece of your tuition.

Gratefulness must include an appreciation for the gifts that you have been given and that you give to others. Do not deny, reject, or belittle your treasures. We know that you have some understanding of gratitude, but this is not a soul-deep understanding. You suffer from the affliction of anti-hubris, which defeats you and robs you of your power. We ask that you focus on this. Observe with detachment and discernment the gifts that you have been given.

Dear One, your gifts have been given to you to use. It is time to yield with grace and to allow yourself to respond to the call of the Beloved. We have observed your courage, your commitment, and your constancy. We applaud you and we love you.

It is time now to move out of the shadow and to look to your own light, to recognize the Beloved not only in the face of others, but in your own face as well. It is time to celebrate your beauty, your grace, and your talents, which are many. You may no longer hide. You know this is true. Step out into the light of your being, Dearest Soul. We have blessed you with companions of your heart on this journey. You know that a new day has dawned. This is a glorious occasion.

Consider your experience without resistance. Consider the grace of surrender, coup de grace. Surrender to bliss. Surrender to the ecstasy of your soul’s song. If it gives you comfort, you have put up a good fight, but Little One, you are no match for the opposition. How could you expect to defeat unconditional love and unspeakable joy? It was an unfair contest, Dear Heart, for you were outmatched from the beginning.

Open your heart to receive the fullness of your beauty, your grace, your light, and your love. Then, and only then, will you know great fullness of heart. Receive in your deepest being the gifts of light, for when you are full of Self, the Universe is full as well.

See the Beloved in your own eyes, and feel the resonance of this recognition in the very foundation of the earth. Know that you are the Beloved, and that you must answer the Beloved’s call for it is the cry of your own soul.

Honor your teachers - all of your teachers. See the lesson of love in every experience. Judge neither yourself nor the lessons that you are learning. Instead, be grateful for a teachable spirit, for the student and the teacher are one. Ask. Seek. Knock.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.