Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 107 - Choosing Joy

Little One, we would speak to you now of many things. We realize that you are in a place that tests your trust. Yet, into what mirror are you looking? Has anything happened to cause you to doubt our words to you? Has anything but blessing been yours, Dear Heart?

Open to receive the grace of the moment. Open to receive the blessings of the Founders. Remember the Law of the Prism: That which is broken apart is brought together again in its totality, in its Oneness.

Open to allow yourself to be supported. There is no cause for you to feel alone, for you are never alone, Little One. You are always surrounded by the living protection of the Divine in its physical and non-physical manifestations.

Know that we are pleased that you are moving forward with diligence. Yield to the sweetness of spirit. Allow yourself to be buoyed on the waves of grace. You need only say, “I desire this” and it shall be. However, you must be able to receive with grace the gifts that are given to you. Open to receive. Breathe it in - inspire, Dearest Heart. As you inspire yourself, you will inspire others also.

Again we would caution you not to censor our words to you. This we say to you in a most loving manner, for we recognize the challenges you are facing. You are, in fact, going out and over the edge. Once again you are called to trust us, to trust yourself, and to trust others. And once again, we would remind you that trust is a product of unconditional love. Do you believe in your deepest being that you are loved? This is a simple question, is it not? There is no room for equivocation in this discussion. It is a true/false, either/or scenario.

Little One, you know that you are loved beyond measure, so what keeps calling you back to this place of fear? What pain, what wounding, needs to be healed? For this is the source of your distraction: A wound pleading for grace. Hear its anguish with a compassionate heart. Apply the balm of love to its very center and watch the transformation occur. Bear witness to your own healing with the same tender attention with which bear witness to the healing of another. It is imperative, Dearest Heart, that you do not allow judgment of your wounds to deny you the grace of healing. Yield to grace.

Inhale grace.
Exhale pain.

This is so simple, Dear One. Pain is a choice as is healing, wholeness, and holiness. This is the secret of the Holy Ones: Surrender to Love.

We would speak to you of joy. This is an area in your life that needs attention. Why do you deny yourself the exquisite pleasure of a joyful existence? We speak not of moments of bliss, glimpses of glory, but of a brilliantly, dazzlingly joyful experience in every moment. This is your right; it is your entitlement. Previously, we have instructed you that you are your own “joy generator” and you balked at this expression. Yet your ego’s response to the descriptive term does not negate the truth of the statement.

You have stated that your levels of frustration are very high. Yes, we have noted this as well. We would ask you this: Why have you not changed it thus? Why did you not change it immediately upon the conscious awareness of the frustration? These are the behaviors to which we refer when we speak of denying and rejecting your power and your responsibility to choose your experience in every moment.

If you are frustrated, Little One, it is your responsibility to change it or keep it. It is your choice, though we understand not the attraction of frustration. As a human being, it is your free-will choice to experience all things. However, we would caution you about behaviors associated with feelings of frustration, anger, and powerlessness. These behaviors are destructive and create the vicious cycles of illusion about which we have spoken many times. These vicious cycles, rotating in a counter-clockwise energy spiral, turn you away from the Light of Truth. With each turn of the cycle, your memory of the Light dims and darkness becomes your reality.

Little One, beware of this seduction. Embrace fully your power to choose. Love yourself without condition. Choose, precious child, with intention the quality and content of every experience. This life is your playground. Explore its wonder. The choice is yours in every moment. Choose well, Little One. Choose Love.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.