Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 93

Little One, there are many things that we would say to you today. We ask that you forgive our impatience; however, it has been long since you have allowed us an opportunity to share with you our thoughts and desires. Note please that this is not a criticism of you. It is merely a statement of a true condition, what you would call an “observation.”

Remember, Little One, there is always and only power in truth. Sometimes, there is a belief that truth hurts. But as you know, it is the illusion that hurts and it is the attachment to illusion that causes suffering. Truth brings healing, for it dispels illusion. Your truth is your strength.

This leads to an interesting segue ‑ Illusion. You have uncovered many personal illusions in the past weeks. While not all of these illusions have been dispelled, at least they have been uncovered, unveiled, and brought into your awareness.

We would encourage you, Little One, to pay attention to the “pinching shoes,” to note that which does not work for you, and to follow with joy that which brings you peace and blessing. Contentment with godliness is, indeed, great gain. 

We are aware of the struggles and the discontent that you have recently experienced. We also know of the mirrors into which you have been looking. We would say only this: Do not be precipitous. Do not prematurely say, “This is reality,” for you may be mistaking an elephant for a snake.* Be patient with yourself and with all beings. The truth is a process, not a product.

Little One, you need to return to the practice of listening and writing, for it is by writing that you right (correct) any imbalance and wobble in your experience. It is the rite (ritual) of your spiritual practice. You know this to be true.

You have questions, but we would first say that we desire to be with you. What do you desire? Truly, what do you desire? It is in your power to create anything that you desire, but first you must commit to the manifestation of the desire. You have many differing ideas and thoughts about what you want. You even have resentment about what you don’t have (we will speak more about resentment), but you have not, heretofore, fully committed to manifestation.

What is critical to manifestation?
Clarity of Intention
Singleness of Focus
Openness to Receive

It is imperative at each step of the process, to note any blockages to receptivity. If it is a high‑energy desire, and you have not manifested it, then you must look for the presence of energetic blocks to its creation. The laws of nature apply. Allow yourself to consider creative energy flowing as a Divine River, which encounters a dam of your creation blocking the flow of life. You must discreate, dismantle your dam before you can manifest your desire and experience the water of life flowing freely through your being.

This process requires careful inspection and introspection, not judgment or criticism. Inspect the energetic flow: Is the creative energy manifesting what you truly desire, or do you need to revise the energetic template?

Know this: the creative energy is creating what it has been programmed to create. If the product does not delight you, then examine the design specifications and make the appropriate modifications.

Do not make this an exercise in futility by creating additional blockages based on the judgments that you have over your initial inability to manifest your desire. This judgment creates bad ecology, which causes stagnation in the river of life flowing through your being, and ultimately results in disease and death.

What is death, but failure to manifest life? We are not speaking of a physical death, but a death of dreams, a death of spirit, a death of hope, and a death of love. So examine with love the blockages, the anti‑matter, that inhibits your creation.

Little One, you desire to create financial and material abundance, yet you discreate this possibility by two behaviors. The first blockage is the belief that by having more, you keep others from having enough. This is sweet, but incorrect. By operating under this assumption, you create an energy blockage because the underlying message says that creating what you want will cause harm to others. This is a lie. It is an illusion, that violates the Universal Principle of Love. Remember that the laws of the Universe apply in every circumstance. The Law of the Universe is Love. The Universe does not discriminate. It extends love to all without distinction.

The second blockage is a more subtle withdrawal of the creation energy. We speak of a lack of commitment to the creation process. This allows for only an inferior product. This reminds us of adolescent children ‑the half child/half adult ‑ desiring power without responsibility. We are not criticizing you, but illustrating that we understand that you are intimidated by your creative responsibility. This requires trusting yourself, which requires trusting the Universal principles of love and grace. Little One, trust that the gift is not given without the appropriate grace to guide you. Again there is a fear that you will do harm to or not do enough good for others, yet it is this fear that is the real harm. Yield to grace, Little One, for this is the key to life.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.

*Refers to the parable of six blind men who encounter an elephant. Each describes what he experiences though his sense of touch. One man touching the elephant’s side describes it as a wall, another touching its ear describes it as a leaf, the third man touching its leg describes it as a tree, the fourth man touching its trunk describes it as a hose, the fifth man touching its tusk describes it as a spear, and the sixth man touching the elephant’s tail describes it as a snake. Each man, while describing the totality of his own experience, only experienced a part of the greater truth.