Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 140 - Resistance and Healing

Little One, we would speak to you now. We know that you are struggling. We feel your struggles. You are struggling even now with this communication, for even though you are desirous of this communion, you fight our words to you. We would ask you, Dear Heart, to relax into this time together, for there is much that we would say to you. That you are feeling sleepy even as we begin this communication is a measure of resistance on your part. We will be as brief as possible.

First, Dear One, it is time for you to give us permission to work with you again in your dreamtime as well as in your conscious moments. We say that you must renew this permission because, in the recent days of trauma and drama, you have revoked these permissions previously given. We are not scolding or reprimanding, but merely acknowledging your level of acute distress. However, we cannot assist you without your consent and permission, and it is our desire above all else to assist you in this time of pain.

This brings us to the next item of instruction. It relates to the  behaviors of constriction, contraction, and withdrawal that do not serve you. When you are experiencing pain, it is appropriate to pull away from the source of the pain; this is beneficial, a survival mechanism that has served you very well as a species. However, when you experience pain on a personal level, especially emotional pain, you curl up into a little ball, completely severing all human and spiritual relations. You curl up, cave in upon yourself, and allow the illusion of and attachment to pain to define your reality.

Little One, this behavior does not serve you (or anyone else for that matter). When you experience pain, it is time to receive healing and grace. It is time to open your heart, not to close it. It is time to draw extra grace from the endlessly abundant supply, which the Universe has for you.

Know that all pain is imagined pain and that love is the only reality. Open your heart, Dear One, when pain overwhelms you. Allow "I desire to open my heart" to be your mantra, for it is the solution to every problem, the answer to every question, and the fulfillment of every desire. 

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.