Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 138 - Divine Love Dissolves Illusion

Little One, we are with you always. Surely you know this in your heart of hearts, for you are beloved to us. We are committed to complete the task that we have begun. All is in readiness. You will be joyful and blessed beyond measure as you follow the Path of Spirit and you release attachment to the illusions that keep you attached to the energies of the third dimension. This is the beginning of dynamic, energetic changes that will begin slowly and build with intensity.

As you continue to grow and to clear out disharmonic energies, many miracles will occur. Great physical and spiritual healing will take place for you and for all those around you as you continue to open your heart. As Divine Love is allowed to flow more fully into your life, you will begin to experience the endlessness of the possibilities of which we have spoken. You will heal by your presence, by your look, by your thought, for your essence, which is Love, will be shared with all without limit.

Know that this is a process of Remembering and that it is a pivotal part of your process, for in the remembering you liberate yourself from the bondage of the energetic dynamic of consensual constraints and cultural convention.

Money is an example of consensual constraint. Know that this it has nothing to do with you for it is impossible to measure your wealth and your abundance in linear terms for you are everything. You are the Universe. You are infinite. Do not allow any limit into your life, into your love. Limits have nothing to do with you.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.