Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 135 - Stretching toward Your Desires

Little One, we would speak to you of pretense. Look at the root "tend," which means to stretch or to heed. This is the root of many words that we use with great frequency in our communication with you. Tenderness is rooted here as is attend, intend, contend, and pretend among many others. What do these words have in common? What truth is contained in these words?

We have spoken to you of your responsibility to create what you desire. We have spoken to you of living in the freedom of truth. Yet you eschew and turn away from the truth that we have given you. It is time to attend - which means to take heed, to hold in focus, to give something your immediate attention. This is an active process: I attend.

Intend means to actively participate in stretching and moving toward your goal. Active involvement is called for in this process. This is a word of follow through: I intend.

Next, we will consider contend which means to stretch and aim as well as to claim that which is desired. This is again an action verb: I contend.

As you see, the language that we use is pivotal to understanding the truth of the manifestation of the desire. Consider now the word pretend. Do not consider pretense as an untruth, for it is a "pre-truth,” a “pre-manifestation.”  To pretend is to set your desire into a thought form. It is a preliminary step as you cross over the threshold into the manifestation of your desire. Little children understand the power of pretending and holding sacred their desire in the liminal space between the thought and the form. This is a process of great delight; if you allow it to be so, for it is a space of infinite possibility and unlimited abundance.

Do you see that pretending is the step that occurs before the manifestation is complete? To pretend is to incubate and nurture your desire and in so doing you honor yourself. Little One, it is time to take the boards off the windows. Look to the light and really see what is there.

Be love. Be loved. Beloved.