Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 134 - Sacred Remembrance

Little One, we would speak to you now of this rollercoaster of emotion that you describe feeling. We would remind you, Dear One, that a rollercoaster is your favorite ride, is this not so? We would also suggest to you two things:

First, you choose your experience in every moment. It is your choice to enjoy the ride to or clutch and scream for the duration of the adventure. The car is moving very swiftly, flying over the rails at an amazing speed, turning you and your experience of the world upside down and sideways. Know this: It is the nature of a rollercoaster to do this. Do not judge its peaks and dips, twists and turns, for it was designed to give intensity and excitement to the trip.

The second point that we world make is that this ride is purely volitional - that is to say that you choose (that word again!) to ride the ride. In essence, you designed the course and vehicle (your chariot) as the mechanism to move you forward. You are in charge of the journey. Take responsibility for it. You alone are responsible for the quality of your experiences.
We would also speak to you of Remembrance. We would say to you: Do not resist, but yield to the grace that this remembrance bring to you. The time has come to allow the grace, the strength, the understanding, and the wisdom of those experiences to merge into your conscious awareness and to become the tools that you will use to restructure and redesign your life into a harmonic convergence of energies that will support the manifestation of these teachings.

Do not struggle to remember for this inhibits the process. Instead open to love. Open your heart to healing and you will know the wonder of all. Do not fear that remembrance will bring pain or longing. Know that the sacred remembrance will bring wholeness, healing (holiness), and integration. Know that this is the path of Spirit, that this the path of Grace.
Commit yourself totally to this work, to this path of Bliss. Follow the call of the Beloved. Follow your longing for it will lead to bliss. When you begin to move forward, this will set into motion the energies that will prepare the way for your journey, because you resonate with the holiness of the All That Is.
Be love. Be loved. Beloved.